Our mission

Chartres, sanctuaire du Monde (CSM) is a not-for-profit public interest association governed by the law of 1901. It was set up to work for the long-term future and reputation of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres and to bring about and foster all the individual and collective initiatives likely to contribute to this. CSM works together closely with the region’s historical monuments preservation body in choosing the work to be funded. This exemplary collaboration is the result of a desire shared by the government departments and the volunteers working for the association to collect the maximum amount of resources for the preservation of this sanctuary.


Our founder

assoc_PFDPierre Firmin-Didot was the founder and president of the CSM association from 1993 to 2001, and for decades he devoted himself to preserving and raising the profile of Chartres Cathedral.


Our managing committee

The association brings together various competent figures who believe passionately in raising the profile of Chartres Cathedral, all of who work on a voluntary basis. The rector of the cathedral is an ex-officio member of the association, representing the diocese authorities.


Mr. Jean-François Lagier, President
Mr. Bernard de Montgolfier, Vice-president
Mrs. Anne-Marie Palluel, Vice-président
Maître Noël Raimon, Vice-president
Mr. le Chanoine François Legaux, Honor Vice-président
Maître Alain Mallet, Treasurer


Abbot Émmanuel Blondeau, Rector of the Chartres Cathedral
Mr. Michel Aubouin
Mrs. Françoise Ferronnière
Mrs. Marie-Claire Sébastien
Mr. Paul Trouilloud
Mr. Cyrille Jerabek
Mrs. Véronique de Montchalin